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New Features in Adobe Experience Manager Assets

It is fun to see the new features of a well used product. The team of Elliot Sedegah and Joshua Ramirez did the classic “dog & pony” show featuring what is new in the Adobe Experience Manager Assets. In this 2018 Adobe Summit session, the Adobe product team highlighted the 10 feature areas that ensure you are getting the most out of your Experience Manager Assets investments.

  1. User Experience
    • Search and view assets from Adobe Experience Manager or Creative Cloud
    • Better collaboration with commenting on version and window shade version comparisons
    • Improved lazy load on search results
  2. Metadata
    • Addition of cascading metadata
    • More search facets by default
  3. Smart Tags
    • The ability to use proprietary data to train smart tags with Adobe Sensei
  4. Stock
    • Now the use with any design or authoring app that lets you import photos, illustrations, graphics, video assets.
  5. Asset Link
    • The ability to drag and drop assets from search.
    • Additional a new seamless check-out and check-in interface.
  6. Ecosystem: Local Marketing
    • Expansion of partner app ecosystem within the Stock interface
    • Specific example of ability for more dynamic interaction with the Distributed Marketing Templates via a third-party partner.
    • Stock templates are available from within the New Document dialog boxes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  7. Smart Crop
    • The expansion of the smart crop capabilities to include the new smart swatch.
  8. 360 & VR Experiences
    • Ability to add panoramic view into experience fragments
    • Ability to add Virtual Reality experience into a fragment
  9. Interactive Media
    • Ability to include more interactive media directly into Stock and Asset
  10. 3D Experiences
    • Ability to manipulate 3D assets by combining assets
    • Ability to incorporate 3D experiences into fragments

There are great new features, as well as some subtle incremental changes, all intended to ease the work of designers. In 2017, when Adobe conducted the State of Creativity in Business study, respondents were asked, “How creatives are solving for the increase in content design and production?” A whopping 69% answered. “Using more or different creative tools.” The need for greater productivity is clearly the goal in some of this releases enhancements.
For the more visual here is a quick video that shows some of these improvements in action.

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