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What You Missed in Salesforce News – March 23, 2018

It’s impossible to keep up with all the developments and breaking news that surround Salesforce. Luckily, you’ve got us. Here are some of the top stories of the past week.

Why Everything You Ever Thought About Salespeople Is Wrong

Salesforce set out last year to try to do our part to debunk some of the negative stereotypes, and to reveal some of the hidden treasures in the profession of sales. We did this by making a documentary film called: The Story of Sales. We think everyone could benefit from watching this film, no matter your profession or previous level of interest in sales. Keep reading

Insight: How You Can Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution

If you look at demand for Salesforce Admins today and going forward, it’s easy to feel confident about their role in the future economy. However, “I also think that we all together talk about what behaviors and habits, beyond being a product expert, that you should hone as an Admin to ensure that you continue to be well-positioned as the jobs ecosystem is growing.” More about this Insights session: how Admins can lead the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” with constant learning, developing techniques, and thinking ahead. Keep reading

How To Use Salesforce for Customer Service

It’s no secret that Salesforce is a leader the industry when it comes to customer service technology, with many current users looking to increase their investment. According to the Forbes, “61% of service organizations are increasing investments in actionable analytics within Salesforce. Integrating systems, reducing duplicate data entry, and implementing more responsive customer service are high priorities for service organizations investing in analytics apps this year. Hint: Creating intelligent self-service communities is where a ton of opportunity lies. Keep reading

Understanding What it Really Means to Be “Customer Obsessed”  

In the Age of the Customer, customer-obsessed businesses have a competitive advantage. As more businesses adopt a customer-centric focus and this becomes the norm, this advantage will come to an end. Companies that are unable to provide positive customer experiences will be threatened by the growing number of businesses using customer experience to drive loyalty and adoption of their products. The majority of the customers I’ve spoken with want to embrace customer-obsessed culture and create a single view of their customer. They want to understand their customers, respond to their feedback, and anticipate their future needs. These companies understand the value of introducing the customer’s point of view to their business. But understanding this value does not always translate to action. Keep reading

How to Win Shoppers in the Retail Renaissance: New Data from 550 Brand Leaders

Some say we’re living in a retail apocalypse. But according to new research from Salesforce and Deloitte Digital that we’re launching this week at Shoptalk, it’s actually a time of retail renaissance — and it’s time to dig deeper and discover how some of the world’s top-performing brands win shoppers for the long-term.

Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance is based on a global survey of more than 550 traditional retail, pure play, consumer goods, and branded manufacturing leaders. The research sheds light on what elite performers do to win shoppers, and how their strategies suggest a model for success. Keep reading

Embracing the Future in Energy: Salesforce at CeraWeek

It’s no secret that the energy industry is in the middle of a pretty seismic shift. From regulatory and policy shifts, changing global demographic trends, to rapidly evolving renewable technologies (WEF), combined with an aging workforce and a looming talent gap, there are a lot of factors at play in shaping the future of the industry. The technologies available to us during this Fourth Industrial Revolution provide a huge opportunity for the energy sector to not only prepare but also thrive during this time of change. Keep reading

Is it Time to Rethink Your Metrics?

In the face of this giant transformation, when was the last time you evaluated your business metrics? While executives understand the massive shift, many do not feel pressured to alter their business strategies. They innovate in some aspects of their business, while in others — often the metrics used to measure business success — they maintain the status quo.

Why are metrics so important? The metrics you use guide strategy and paint a picture of your company’s performance and strategic priorities. If your business or industry is in a period of transformation, it is time to review your metrics. Even if your business has not yet moved into transformation, it’s a pretty clear bet it will soon.

Many companies do evaluate their business metrics on a regular basis, but many leaders choose not to look at their benchmarks, instead sticking with what’s worked in the past. Admittedly, there is an intimidation factor at play: Defining new metrics can be a difficult task, particularly if your company is experiencing rapid growth and change. Keep reading

5 Ways to Include Your Remote Meeting Attendees

When it comes to productivity, calling a team meeting to collaborate and align is one of the best tools. But for your attendees who are remote, they may be more of a challenge than you know. Technology issues, not being present to assess people’s reactions, and time differences can all impact the productivity of a meeting. Plus, it is easy for remote attendees to feel invisible or unable to contribute when they aren’t in-office. To make meetings easier, and more productive for the whole team, here are five tips to mindfully engage all of the attendees of your next mixed-attendance meeting. Keep reading

Building the Future of Manufacturing with NAM

“Manufacturing and Salesforce actually go hand in hand. Some folks might not realize that, and it’s a reason why we’re so optimistic about the future of young talent in manufacturing,” said Jay Timmons, CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

NAM and Timmons recently visited the Salesforce Tower as a part of their 2018 State of Manufacturing Tour. The Tour focused on building the future of the manufacturing workforce, from building better relationships with your workforce to building tools needed to keep pace with manufacturing’s rapidly changing marketplace. Salesforce was honored to be the only software company on this year’s itinerary. Keep reading

Insight: What Admins Can Learn from Sales

Vik Mediratta, Senior Manager of Trailhead Marketing at Salesforce, talks about productivity when it comes to working with Sales, and how he rallies everyone around him to get more done.

More about this Insights session: why you need to celebrate incremental wins, how to use the people paid to help you, and how you can put yourself in your employees’ and team members’ shoes. Keep reading

What is your favorite content Salesforce produces? Let us know in the comments below.

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