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Salesforce Health Cloud Additions Announced at HIMSS

Did you hear? The world’s #1 healthcare engagement platform made some exciting announcements at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in March 2018.

The HIMSS Experience

After arriving on site, thousands of healthcare professionals approached the convention center and slowly trickled into the vendor hall, ready for the influx of new healthcare knowledge that HIMSS is guaranteed to produce. The convention hall featured more than 1,300 companies and booths with professional displays of lights and visuals, all taking days to construct. This queues up the perfect environment for major announcements; it’s no wonder Salesforce chose this opportunity to announce an important new Health Cloud update.

The vendors came prepared to expand attendees’ thinking about the current topics impacting healthcare and health IT today. The networking opportunities in the vendor halls were endless and nearly every interaction ended with a handshake and a great giveaway prize.

Then, at the top of every hour, the massive group of healthcare professionals started to disperse into the upper floors and conference halls for world-class education, superior programs, and irreplaceable Q&A forum opportunities.

It was here that Salesforce made the announcement that changed the way patients, providers, and healthcare organizations approach managing their data. For the nearly 60% of global healthcare organizations that said they were behind in implementing a digital health strategy or had none in place, this is something to pay attention to.

Introducing the latest Health Cloud

“The enhancements will enable healthcare organizations to provide more connected, intelligent patient engagement and improve outcomes. We also announced a major partnership with Cerner that allows patients to participate in their physician’s decision-making and more easily engage in their own health and care. New Health Cloud Assessments allows providers to manage the progress of outpatient care by delivering personalized surveys to patients and automating next steps based on responses.” This announcement “enables care providers to improve patient experiences and outcomes, from patient acquisition through post-acute and home care.” (Salesforce)

If you didn’t make it to HIMSS, this video interview with Salesforce’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Josh Newman goes in depth about the latest Health Cloud additions and what healthcare organizations can expect from Salesforce.

Learn More About Health Cloud

Do you want to learn more about Health Cloud? We, as always, recommend turning to Trailhead for the best free, online learning courses. The trail “Deliver Great Patient Care with Health Cloud” promises to show how Health Cloud helps to deliver collaborative, connected support for patients and caregivers and how to set it up for your unique organization.

Did you go to HIMSS? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

This post was coauthored by Garrett Hill. 

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