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The Best Sessions You’ll Find at IBM Think 2018

I might be a little partial to the subject considering these six sessions are from my Perficient peers. We also have a large booth (#550 right once you enter the doors). I hope the sessions below are of interest to you. I found something cool today; log into the event from the website, find the sessions you want, save and then auto-update your mobile device with your agenda. Seems easier to read on a larger screen; but maybe that’s just me…And don’t forget about the 28 Maximo related sessions and Perficient’s experience with IBM Private Cloud while at the conference.


First-Ever Implementation of a Cloud-Based Unified Data Model for Healthcare

Tuesday, 12:30 PM – 1:10 PM | Session ID: 9364A | Mandalay Bay South, Level 2 | Surf A

To address ever-increasing volumes of data and access requirements, BJC HealthCare needed to consolidate clinical repositories, implement an integrated technology platform, and reduce infrastructure costs. To help meet these challenges, Perficient implemented a healthcare-specific blueprint for data warehousing and analytics that incorporates a robust set of data models coupled with industry-specific terms, ultimately decreasing time to implementation. Join us as we discuss how BJC was able to reduce costs, increase scalability and flexibility, improve speed to deployment, and better leverage data for clinical initiatives with the first-ever IBM enterprise data warehouse on the cloud.

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Innovating with WebSphere Commerce V9

Tuesday, 1:00 PM – 1:20 PM | Session ID: 9346A | Mandalay Bay South, Level 1, Bayside C, Think Campus | Business and AI Campus Think Tank B1

Learn how to innovate now with IBM’s next-generation modern commerce platform designed to give B2C and B2B organizations the power to rapidly innovate and drive their omni-channel business, with less overhead. IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 combines the scale, performance and security you expect from IBM, with the speed and flexibility of a modern, cloud-ready, extensible architecture. Innovate more, with less time spent, and deliver better business outcomes—right now.

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IBM / Red Hat - Unlock Potential App Modernization
Unlock Your Potential with Application Modernization

Application modernization is a growing area of focus for enterprises. If you’re considering this path to cloud adoption, this guide explores considerations for the best approach – cloud native or legacy migration – and more.

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Gaining Cognitive Insights from Unstructured Data for Better Business Outcome across Industries

Wednesday, 10:30 AM – 11:10 AM | Cloud and Data Campus Small Theater C | Session ID: 8506A

Watson Explorer is helping organizations across industries transform their processes and applications with cognitive capabilities. Join our business partners and their clients from the healthcare, community services and power management industries, who will show you how organizations are using Watson Explorer to create advanced search, unified information access and unstructured analytic solutions that deliver new value.

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Providing Cognitive Patient Care with Watson Explorer

Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 12:10 PM | Breakers J | Session ID: 3239A

One of the largest community-based health systems in Florida sought to improve their care management approach by implementing an IBM Watson-based solution for patient population identification. In this session, we will share their journey in implementing a cognitive solution to better understand unstructured information, more effectively generate insights into patient care scenarios, and ultimately better inform clinical decision-making. Find out how this healthcare leader leveraged IBM Watson Explorer and Healthcare Annotators to gain up to 14 hours of productivity per day and increase patient identification accuracy from 51% to 92%.

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Test-Driven Development and API Connect: The Perfect Fit for Building APIs

Thursday, 10:30 AM – 11:10 AM | Cloud and Data Campus Small Theater B | Session ID: 6232A

Test-driven development (TDD) can be a critical component in the success of many kinds of projects, and it also helps accelerate API development. Come join us as we discuss a real-life success story using IBM API Connect and a TDD methodology to expand an enterprise-scale API program. We’ll share best practices and lessons learned in integrating and optimizing our API products behind the scenes using CICS, IBM Integration Bus (IIB), and Operational Decision Manager (ODM). We’ll also cover the benefits of leveraging automated test suites in API development, and how to easily configure testing suites in your development environments.

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Hope to see you there and contact us if you’d like to be invited to our VIP social Monday night!

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