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Install Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform with One Command

Implementing Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform is an arduous task for most developers, taking hours and numbering in nearly 100 steps. However, recent developments by industry leaders have simplified the process, allowing the setup to take just a few steps, saving time and accelerating innovation. The installation instructions and necessary files are on Github.

Here are the steps to setting this up, summarized in this blog post:

Step 1: Managing Your Pre-Requisites

Once you have signed up and set up your Google Cloud Platform account with the appropriate billing, API, and technical implementations, it’s time to set up your deployment machine. You can run this locally or using Cloud Shell. The Github page covers both methodologies and includes the necessary code snippets.

Step 2: Set up DNS Records

A registered domain name is necessary to deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry, available through Google Domains. Once that is created, you should create a Cloud DNS Zone, setup and verify NS records. See your DNS provider’s documentation for specific best practices.

Step 3: Deploy PCF

Now that you have your pre-requisites out of the way, you can deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry. The Github how-to contains all the code snippets you need.

Step 4: Access Your Deployment

Time to use your application!

Why GCP and PCF?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) are leading platforms for application development. GCP was named as a leader in the Forrester Wave for Insight Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) in late 2017 and continues to grow in the market. Forrester also recognized PCF in a 2017 Total Economic Impact (TEI) report, where researchers discovered 135% ROI and increased developer productivity week-over-week in coding activities.

If you’re looking to increase your team’s productivity and accelerate time to market, there are few reasons to look beyond GCP and PCF for innovation opportunities. Perficient’s over two decades of consulting expertise, client experience, and knowledge, combined with the growth and commitment to innovation by GCP and PCF mean that you will find improved ways to compete within your organization, lower development costs, and increase productivity.

Reach out to one of our experts at today to see what’s possible.

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