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Trend Tuesday: Playing Ball with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

March has arrived, which means besides the excitement of March Madness and basketball, baseball is back! With teams gathering in Florida and Arizona for Spring Training and being optimistic to win this years’ World Series, some are looking to technology to help bolster their chances of winning.

One interesting case in point comes from our partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), who collaborated with Major League Baseball (MLB) and their Advanced Media team to capture and analyze every play using data collection and analysis tools. With so many close plays in the field determining the shift of the game and fans already measuring player performance through data-driven means, the partnership with AWS adds more potential for the game to grow even more.

The main addition for MLB Advanced Media in their partnership with AWS is a tool called the Player Tracking System. Calculating metrics including whether a player would have been safe or out in sliding into a base, the app leverages AWS Direct Connect, EC2, S3 to send data to both the MLB mobile app and broadcasters, adding further intrigue as a game develops.

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With the amount of data generated, MLB’s technology team also looks to ElastiCache to store temporary game information, DynamoDB for fast data retrieval, and CloudFront to serve up APIs. With milliseconds of response time, fans also get the most real-time data for the best end-user experience.

With these technologies in play and more innovation on the way, America’s Pastime is evolving in ways that were unimaginable even just two decades ago.

Play Ball!

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