Why You May Be Missing Out on 20 – 50% of Your Site’s Potential Calls

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Consumers can use their mobile devices to fill out forms and find directions to your closest clinic. As you continually optimize your user experience, it’s vital to enhance the most basic function smartphone owners can use – making phone calls! In a recent MedTouch independent study, calls beat out online requests 94% to 6%.

The advent of tel links (click-to-call phone numbers) can make it easy for visitors to call your locations with a simple click on the linked number. iPhone mobile devices often automatically detect and convert text phone numbers to tel links, which are coded and trackable. However, Androids don’t automatically convert text phone numbers to links which means a site without click-to-call enabled may be ignoring a significant percentage of smartphone users. After all, Android devices account for the vast majority of smartphones in the market.

What’s a healthcare organization to do?

To avoid alienating an estimated 20 – 50% of potential calls from Android devices (based on our research), we recommend enabling click-to-call for all phone numbers on your site. You can accomplish this using tel: schema:

Mount Pleasant Regional Hospital Nurse Line
<a href=”tel:+1-222-333-4444″>+1 (222) 333-4444</a>

The browser will display the number as follows:
Mount Pleasant Regional Hospital Nurse Line +1 (222) 333-4444

Once the phone numbers are coded, ensure that they track properly within your Analytics. Click-to-call functionality makes it easier for patients to connect with you, and gives you better insight into you’re your patients’ needs and mobile activity.

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