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Empower Employee Ideas with Communities

Employees are the people who interact with their brands daily. Doesn’t it make sense they would have some of the best ideas?

Let Your Employees’ Voices Be Heard

Online community platforms, intranets, and other social engagement tools offer a unique way for your workforce to collaborate. But why not also leverage the power of your Salesforce community to proactively crowdsource new ideas, collect employee feedback, and provide valuable insights to help grow your business?

Tapping your workforce’s creativity not only provides you with a wealth of ideas, but also makes for happy, fully engaged, and productive employees, which leads to satisfied customers!

Tap Into Employees’ Ideas

IdeaCentral for Employees uses Salesforce’s new Lightning Bolt framework to help your organization quickly deploy a pre-configured community template to accelerate the process of gathering, evaluating, and communicating new ideas from your workforce.

Our solution combines idea management and social collaboration best practices, along with the business logic and relevant data in Salesforce, for a modern user experience to keep employees engaged.

As an added benefit, IdeaCentral for Employees leverages our Idea Zone app, a set of pre-packaged Lightning Components you simply plug in to render Salesforce Ideas in a Lightning Community.

IdeaCentral’s Core Capabilities

  • Submit new ideas
  • View, comment, and vote on ideas
  • Explore other relevant ideas
  • Build a list of ideas
  • Identify experts and brand advocates

Create Your Own Employee Community

The IdeaCentral for Employees Bolt Solution harnesses the power of Salesforce and the flexibility of the Lightning Bolt framework with custom components, page layouts, and themes to easily customize the worker experience in your community – surfacing the most relevant and innovative ideas from your employees.

Get started with IdeaCentral for Employees Bolt Solution here

What kinds of ideas have your employees come up with? Any winners? Let us know in the comments below.

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