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Interest In AI And Cognitive Is Rising In Pharma

Artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, and machine learning are becoming more common in the industry. The need to scour and analyze large sets of data is giving life sciences companies new intelligence that would never have been realized before. The technology is making a big impact on healthcare decisions and patients.

When it comes to addiction and substance abuse, patient risk models are helping predict and prevent incidents of relapse. Artificial intelligence is helping doctors identify treatment options while providing supporting evidence. While AI is driving precision medicine, it’s also being used by pharmaceutical companies to gain insight into consumer behavior and expectations.

Jason Andree, senior brand manager of the Cough & Cold Portfolio at GlaxoSmithKline North America, shared how GSK is using cognitive technology to promote its Theraflu brand. The company is using IBM Watson to enable consumers to interact with advertisements within a mobile app, by asking questions (through voice or text) related to the flu or the Theraflu product.

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