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Get on the Path to Success with Blockchain Training

Blockchain has the potential to radically alter the way enterprises conduct business and process transactions. The technology can reduce operational costs and friction, create transaction records that are immutable, and enable transparent ledgers where updates are nearly instantaneous.

However, despite its immense potential benefits, there is a great deal of confusion and challenge in leveraging blockchain. Its nascent technology, a lack of talent to support it, complex system integration, and disruptive impact on existing business process all stand in the way of realizing value.


To help get you on the path to success with blockchain, we have developed a three-day training course. In just three days, we will provide you with the foundation for blockchain can help transform your business.

During the training, our blockchain experts will engage with your business, architecture, and development teams to outline the concepts of blockchain, build out use cases, facilitate basic and advanced development of blockchain applications, and assist with ongoing learning.


Day 1: Blockchain Basics

Audience: Business, Architects, Developers
This course begins with the foundational concepts and use cases for blockchain. Subsequently in an instructor-led interactive workshop, trainees will learn how to develop and deploy their own blockchain applications.

Day 2: Developing a Blockchain Solution

Audience: Business, Architects, Developers
This session is for engineers who know the basics of blockchain and want to learn the key components of Hyperledger Composer, study in detail the transactions workflow, and spend a sizable amount of time on experiments with blockchain. The aim of this session is for developers to acquire solid technical skills in building blockchain applications on Hyperledger Composer.

Day 3: Advanced Application Development

Audience: Architects, Developers, Sr. Developers
This training session will be focused on developing full-featured blockchain applications with a smart contract in Java and an application interface.


Are you emarking on a blockchain transformation? If you’re interested in hearing more, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or call (855) 411-PRFT. In just three days, you can get on the path to success with blockchain.


For more on blockchain, join our upcoming webinar:

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