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Collaboration Helps Advance Energy Industry

Energy companies continue to collaborate with other organizations to further research. For example, Shell recently opened a mobility research center at Tsinghua University in China. According to a company press release, “This new centre will focus on developing solutions for the automotive sector, including the development of high-efficiency lubricants and additives; cleaner use of conventional fuels; and the development of alternative fuels and new energies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Shell and Tsinghua will collaborate to develop new technologies and conduct industry studies.”

ExxonMobil is another great example of an energy company that has partnered with educational institutions to further research. According to its company website, “ExxonMobil is working with approximately 80 universities around the world to explore next-generation energy technologies.”

For a business to remain competitive and responsible for the long term, it must research more efficient and cleaner energy alternatives. In fact, the business of sustainability remains an important aspect of energy companies for several reasons.

Using the insights we’ve gleaned from conversations with clients and perspectives from industry executives, we have prepared a guide that describes the current state of the energy industry. Use it as a barometer to measure the impact of your own activities and initiatives. How do you compare to your peers? Are you doing the right things? Should you adjust your strategy to remain or become an industry leader?

You can download the guide here or fill out the form below.

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