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6 Ways to Become a Customer-Driven Company

The evolution of technology has radically changed customer expectations, and there’s no going back. So how do you keep up?

It’s critical to create an integrated experience, built on a solid understanding what really drives your customers. Here are six places to start:

1. Define your audience.

Using personas and segmentation can help you better understand your customers’ needs, their behaviors and their barriers. And when you really know who your customers are, you can better engage them, too.

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2. Map the customer journey.

Understanding how your customers actually buy your products will guide everything you do, from marketing strategy to sales to service.

The days of talking about product features are gone. It's time to talk about your customers and the benefits that matter most to them. Wherever they are. Whenever they're ready.

Forget assumptions. Do more research. Ask more questions. Because, honestly, even relying on decades of experience in the business is no longer enough. Today’s customers have changed. Traditional approaches should, too.

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3. Articulate your brand identity.

Your brand isn't just a tagline or a logo. It's a promise to your customers. And it's the story they'll tell the world.

Remember, your brand should guide your entire customer experience. You’re setting the tone for every interaction, from your marketing messages to your customer service.

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4. Develop the right content strategy.

Content is the common thread throughout your customer journey. And by measuring every message with analytics, you can understand and connect what your customers really value most. Personalize it. And avoid spending resources on ineffective strategies.

Remember, connecting your content and insights will reveal what’s working. What isn’t. And what to do next.

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5. Align your channel strategy.

Maximizing reach and frequency is no longer enough. Highly targeted marketing is the new name of the game. And it starts with aligning your channels to create more consistent experiences for your customers – and more personalized ones, too.

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6. Focus on account-based marketing (ABM).

By taking a one-to-one approach with targeted accounts, you can prioritize, personalize and pinpoint exactly what’s most relevant to your top customers and prospects.

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Your Next Move

Becoming customer-driven is a big challenge. And aligning everything around the customer requires a big shift, especially for manufacturers. Have questions or need a hand? Let’s talk.

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