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Run: The Final Step in Re-Platforming to Adobe Experience Manager

If you’ve ever been involved in re-platforming, you know it’s a big undertaking. As organizations look to migrate to a new content management platform, like the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager, they invest time and resources in careful planning, defining strategy, and implementing. No doubt, it’s a huge endeavor for most. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and a lot to be gained through a successful re-platforming.
Previously, we’ve discussed planning your migration to AEM and how to bring those plans to life. Now it’s time for the final stage discussed the recent guide, Plan, Build, and Run: What to Expect When Migrating to Adobe Experience Manager.
Once you implement the platform and launch your site, the “Run” phase is where an implementation partner, maybe Perficient Digital, will monitor and provide training support on the solution. They will also help you establish a digital marketing lifecycle.

Monitor the Implementation

After deployment, certain tasks are monitored to maintain their operation, performance, and integrity. Your team should understand how your systems look and behave under normal conditions to be able to recognize potential issues. To get this insight, you’ll need to monitor the system and collect information over a period of time.
There are a few key areas to monitor and include in your maintenance plan including:
• General port and ping monitoring to observe basic AEM ports
• Backup planning for recovering your instance(s) from disk failure
• Generic server monitoring, which includes disk space, CPU, memory, and other system points
• Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for thread count and memory
• Log analysis to look for specific patterns that may indicate issues
A variety of monitoring tools are available such as Splunk and New Relic. These are among the popular SaaS options for AEM because of the flexibility, scalability, and supporting systems via plugins.
Have you migrated to the latest version of AEM? Comment below and share your tips with us!

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