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Why You Need an Enterprise SEO Strategy – Here’s Why #151


Acme Grommets is in trouble and the CEO is not happy. They’re a huge company, but they didn’t take the time to build an enterprise-level SEO strategy, and now their sales are tanking! Find out what happened in the video.
In this episode of our popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Perficient Digital’s Eric Enge describes the unique challenges of SEO at the enterprise level, and why larger companies need to pay special attention to SEO.

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Mark: Eric, for many years now, you’ve written and talked about SEO as a general topic. In fact, one might say you wrote the book about it. I mean, lead co-author of “The Art of SEO.” So why should we think about SEO at the enterprise level as being anything special?
Eric: Mark, senior execs at large companies have a lot of different needs competing for their limited budget, and SEO is only one of them. And since it’s little understood outside the SEO world, it may not get the priority it deserves.
And in a large company, executives may figure their brand is so large that Google will just naturally send them traffic, but, of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that. So SEOs at enterprise companies have some special challenges if they want to be successful.
Mark: I can see that. Then let’s get into why SEO matters for an enterprise-size company.

Why Does SEO Matter for Enterprise Companies?

Eric: It matters a lot because people go to a search engine with very strong intent, and ranking high for queries when they are in the process of researching or purchasing something they want to buy can mean huge revenue for your company. Those are opportunities you just don’t want to leave to chance.
Then there’s the competitive situation. If your competitors are doing effective SEO and you aren’t, inevitably they’re going to start getting more and more of the traffic that should have been yours.
Mark: And so it matters to the bottom line.
Eric: It can matter a great deal. SEO ends up being a very high margin activity. So failing at it means not just lost incremental revenue, but lost incremental profit.

Mark: So given the stakes, what are some things you think enterprise SEOs in particular need to give their attention to?
Eric: Great question.

  1. Realize that Google does have limitations. It’s far too easy to create pages it can’t understand or won’t crawl an index. And if Google deems your content is poor in quality, it gets ignored.
  2. Realize that the search environment is constantly changing and you need to keep up. Just because you’ve implemented some optimizations a while back doesn’t mean you’re in good shape forever. You’ve got to keep on top of what Google is up to, and constantly be measuring and testing your effectiveness.
  3. Realize that if you do the wrong thing, you get penalized by Google. If companies like BMW and Overstock can be penalized, so can you. There’s a significant upside to doing SEO well. Done correctly, SEO can be a high ROI investment because it brings well-targeted traffic, visibility, and revenue to your business.

Mark: Thanks, Eric. Our readers really should check out your post on our blog about the unique challenges of enterprise SEO.

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Thoughts on “Why You Need an Enterprise SEO Strategy – Here’s Why #151”

  1. Really awesome post. I think many people don’t fully understand what can potentially go wrong if they hire an unethical or shady SEO agency. I always try to educate people to make sure they are getting fully transparent services and make sure they are adhering to the constantly changing Google algorithms’ best practices.
    Sure Google can be vague, but its 2018 and at this point you know what value proper digital marketing and SEO is vs the old days of spammy link building strategies.
    Got to keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Hi mark,
    Hard Refresh in Chrome and Video shows and comments work!
    -Matt ‘Gravy’ Graves

  3. Mark Traphagen

    Glad to hear it! We had some glitches caused by a plugin that have been fixed now, so clearing cache, and hard refresh should bring back the full site. Thanks again for letting us know!

  4. Hey Eric and Mark,
    Loved the comedy in the video!
    It is always nice to see people in the field of SEO combining knowledge with a bit of jokes. Makes the learning process easier.
    Jokes aside, I have always had difficulties explaining why people would need SEO at an enterprise level. I will be sure to show my clients this video in the future.
    Looking forward to your next video!

  5. Very informative. I’ve only worked with small businesses but I’ve been bumped out of search positions in the pharmaceuticals by giant companies that I couldn’t compete with due to their sheer size and authority. Thanks for the read!

  6. Good stuff Eric, thank you for sharing!
    For getting SEO done, I want to emphasis education. The more I can educate our clients, the more they can take that knowledge to different levels of their organization and drive the importance of SEO. Just like the bullet you have above about training, I find that so vital for SEO to succeed in any size organization.

  7. Thanks eric for posting a good read!
    I guess for SEO once needs to stay in touch with the industry standards and always stay updated and educated. The more I can educate our clients, the more they can take that knowledge to different levels of their organization and drive the importance of SEO.

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