Trend Tuesday: Embracing HR Automation

January is the busiest month of the year for hiring and restructuring, leading to busy human resources (HR) and recruiting departments across all organizations. Add a robust economy into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for an overwhelmed few weeks at work.

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Luckily, the digital transformation wave applies to HR, with a bevy of new innovative solutions and technologies coming to the rescue. No doubt, there is opportunity in this area, with a recent survey of 200 HR managers showing a loss on average of 14 hours per week to automation-qualifying manual processes.

Here are a few examples of how RPA and cognitive aid HR:

  • Onboarding: Hiring new employees means a boatload of paperwork, from tax forms to emergency contacts. RPA aids HR professionals through the automated filling and processing of forms with minimal error.
  • Payroll: For organizations with a considerable amount of employees or regular payroll, completing payroll tasks requires an inordinate amount of data entry. RPA is a perfect solution considering the amount of repetition involved.
  • Recruiting: In an employee’s market, finding the right talent is a challenge and recruiters need all the resources they can get. Cognitive solutions help recruiters by easily matching resumes with job descriptions, taking the burden away from sourcing an endless stream of candidates.
  • Learning: To combat a constantly changing market, organizations must provide their employees the resources to further their education. With RPA and cognitive solutions, organizations can tailor courses to the employee’s needs, performance, and interests.
  • Data Management: HR organizations often have an influx of data and metadata, including contact information, skills, and salary. In an era where employees move employers frequently, having the right RPA solutions aids in managing an otherwise manual process.

Is your HR organization looking for an advantage during these hiring months? Reach out to us and see our work in the automation and digital transformation space at today!

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