Announcing Highly Anticipated Sales Cloud Features in Spring ’18

The Spring ’18 Release showers Sales Cloud users with new Lightning Experience (LEX) features providing improvements to navigation, search, data integrity, and operational consistency. Other noteworthy — and hotly anticipated — Sales Cloud features and improvements surround the debut of several Classic favorites now available in LEX.

And now to the specifics…

Important Salesforce Sales Cloud Updates in Spring ’18

New Features

Fine-Tune Account and File Search Results With Filters

Users can adjust filters to fine-tune search results for accounts and files. Not only will this increase efficiency, it will eliminate the need for a list view or report just to isolate a subset of records. Admins should see a drastic reduction of what was once an inevitable accumulation of single-use list views and reports.

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Personalized Navigation Bar

Updated Personalized Navigation Bar

Two new features here:

  1. A slick drag-and-drop interface allows users to reorder the existing tabs of their current app
  2. “Temporary” tabs for users to add tabs to their navigation. The added tabs can be objects that aren’t already part of the current app, or more granular items like a dashboard, list, or record.

As standalone features, either of these two improvements would be considered the most significant LEX enhancement to date in terms of allowing users to personalize their user experience. Together, they surpass the navigational flexibility offered in Classic.

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Account and Campaign Paths

Previously, paths were limited to custom objects, leads, opportunities, quotes, contracts, and orders — and the steps of the path had to be based on the stage or status picklist field. Now, paths can be based on any picklist field and are available on more standard objects including accounts and campaigns.

This means guidance for success is available across all objects in the lead-to-cash process, providing a more consistent, informed, and effective user experience.

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Duplicate Jobs

Clean data builds the trust of your users. The duplicate jobs feature gives users the ability to apply standard or custom matching rules to scan their Salesforce accounts, contacts, or leads for duplicates. Users can share job results with others and merge the duplicates — all within Salesforce. Information about duplicate jobs can be used to track users’ progress in reducing duplicate records. Heads up: this feature is available in Performance and Unlimited Editions only. 

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Popular Classic features debuting in Lightning Experience

Event Pop-Up Reminders

Updated Event Pop-Up Reminders

Winter ’18 introduced task reminder notifications to LEX through a notification bell and notification card. Now that functionality is extended to event reminders and users can set their preferences for task and event reminders through their personal settings.

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Subscribe to Dashboards

Similar to subscribing to reports, users can now subscribe to a dashboard by specifying the desired time (daily, weekly, monthly) they want to have a refreshed dashboard emailed to them. A more frequent subscription means more frequent refreshes leaving users less likely to view outdated information if they forget to manually refresh. One exception is that users cannot subscribe to dashboards set to run as “the dashboard viewer.”

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Account Hierarchy

While the account hierarchy was visible in LEX prior to Spring ’18, users can now access it by clicking the icon directly to the right of the account name instead of clicking the “View Account Hierarchy” button on the far right side of the page.

Updated Account Hierarchy

Two wins here:

  1. The “View Account Hierarchy” button no longer needs to be displayed, freeing up prime real-estate in the Highlights Panel
  2. The redesign allows for a consistent user experience between LEX and Classic

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Opportunity Splits

Salesforce is caring about sharing. Giving credit to multiple users on a single opportunity in LEX no longer requires custom development or switching to Classic.

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So there you have it, the thumbnail on Spring ’18. And while we wait for Mother Nature to release the real spring, I hope you have fun discovering all of the new ways Salesforce is innovating the workday. There are many more features in the release including several new rollouts for Sales Cloud Einstein.

You can learn more about the entire Sales Cloud Spring ’18 release here.

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