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Trend Tuesday: 2018 DevOps Predictions

The New Year brings new hope for technology, especially as consumers and organizations anticipate continued growth in areas that will help increase productivity and innovation. Here are some of the top DevOps and cloud predictions we found around the web for the year ahead.

Prediction 1: Serverless Overtakes Containers

Containers gained prominence in 2017 but experts predict that serverless technologies win out in 2018. Serverless solutions will handle container tasks, similar to what cloud did to virtualization in the data center about a decade ago –

Prediction 2: DevOps Becomes More Organized

DevOps initiatives generally begin at the bottom with program managers and developers. With more widespread adoption and leadership buy-in now taking hold, DevOps strategies will incur greater top-level scrutiny and acceptance in the year ahead – Shashi Kiran, Forbes

Prediction 3: DevSecOps Will Get Its Day

In prior years, the name of the game was innovation, sometimes to the detriment of security. As organizations in 2018 begin to understand that IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud are not threats to innovation, but instead complements, we will see a steady march towards DevSecOps. In this world, everyone wins – eWeek

Prediction 4: DevOps Programs Mature

For most, DevOps is still a portmanteau of development and operations. For Forrester principal Peter Stroud, 2018 will see a maturation of DevOps programs as organizations as teams leverage automated testing, operations professionals learn how to code, and focusing on specific coding languages as opposed to learning new ones – TechTarget

Prediction 5: DevOps Expands into IoT

As organizations adopt edge computing to support the localized data for their IoT projects, DevOps programs will be there to ensure on-time accelerated delivery. With the jump of IoT and DevOps, hardware companies will effectively become software developers too – IT Pro Portal

What do you think? Are there DevOps trends you expect to materialize for the coming year? Share them with us in the comments below and download our DevOps guide for best practices to aid your organization.

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