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Know Your Priorities Before Moving To AEM

The holiday season and the looming new year have many of us trying to get our personal priorities in order. But priorities are also essential when strategizing how to improve your digital experience.
When it comes to designing, building and implementing top-notch customer experiences it’s vital to have your priorities in order. A great deal of planning strategy, time, and of course, the right platform are all needed.
So where do you start when choosing a new platform? Many organizations choose to start on the technology path by identifying feature gaps and researching platforms to see which ones best fit their infrastructure and environment. But in order to improve your digital experience, consider what you want to accomplish as a business by asking these three questions:

  • What are the priorities and goals from a business perspective?
  • How will this digital marketing platform affect business goals, such as increasing revenue, improving the customer experience, or reducing service costs?
  • How will this platform scale to meet future business needs and goals?

Moving to a next-generation platform, like the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), provides the perfect opportunity to step back and review the state of your business. Ultimately, you want a platform that excels in the capabilities that matter most to your business.
You also want to evaluate platforms on how well they align with your business strategy. For example, if your business wants to move to the cloud, then how well are cloud capabilities implemented by each potential vendor? Work with an implementation partner like Perficient Digital to identify strategic elements of your business. Then, include those as part of the vendor evaluation process to find a solution that best aligns with your strategy.
Finally, analyze total cost of ownership (TCO), and consider how the platform will impact your internal resources and systems. As an implementation partner, we look at TCO over a five-year horizon to analyze first-year costs versus ongoing maintenance costs. Reviewing this analysis and understanding the financial impact helps compare the true cost of each platform rather than just the initial licensing cost.
With so many things to consider, you can see why it is important to have your priorities in order. If you are still in the early stages of planning your platform migration, we have a comprehensive guide available below. And if you’re looking for a qualified partner to help you through the process, just let us know!

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