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Success Story: Oracle PBCS is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Our client is a leading healthcare provider with 13 clinical departments, each with multiple entities and varying degrees of complexity. They implemented Hyperion Planning in 2012 and experienced significant growth since then as a result of expansion into the community and in their main campus. There was a growing need to provide the executive office with greater insight into financial performance and more flexibility in budgeting. Too much time was being spent processing data rather than analyzing it.

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On-premises challenges included various spreadsheets generated and distributed by corporate, which caused bottlenecks getting data into Hyperion. The provider didn’t have “real-time” budgeted bottom line. Instead, business rules were bundled into one all-inclusive rule set only run twice a day during the budget cycle as it took 2 to 3 hours to complete. A complicated matrix of forms for user input resulted in inconsistent naming conventions and unused forms and business rules among other things. In addition, the finance team received little support from IT to keep the environment current.

Oracle PBCS Delivers Results

We implemented Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS), delivering a single integrated platform across corporate and practices to streamline the planning process as well as centralized common reporting and administration. The new planning system improved the user experience, refined labor planning processes, and allowed for a flexible driver-based budget. Read the full story to learn how Oracle PBCS can enhance financial and workforce planning.

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