Trend Tuesday: Calculating the Impact of Pivotal

We were recently at SpringOne Platform, Pivotal’s annual user conference which brings together cloud and development practitioners. At the event, Pivotal released new updates to their Cloud Foundry (PCF) PaaS platform, including new support for serverless computing, containers, and an application store. The new additions promise to help developers accelerate their transition to the public cloud in their efforts to integrate with a variety of different connectors and technologies.

We have made numerous strides with Pivotal over the past year as a partner, leveraging PCF in many client engagements in the automotive, real estate, and enterprise technology space. Clients repeatedly communicate the value of Pivotal in their technology stack as they maximize developer efficiency while lowering operations costs and time to market.

For those still on the fence about Pivotal, recent research by Forrester show consistency across the benefits enjoyed by our customers. In a report released October 2017, author Shaheen Parks communicates his key findings for organizations using PCF in their innovation goals.

Highlights include:

  • Cost Savings: According to Parks’ research, PCF offers productivity improvements over time that benefit the organization to the tune of $5.8 million. These savings derive from the elimination of manual development tasks, which enable efficient software development processes including less time scaling, provisioning, and patching applications. With regard to developers, Parks also discovered that automation reduced wait time, saving an estimated $31.2 million over a three-year period.
  • Customer Satisfaction: In his interviews, Parks discovered increases in customer satisfaction and service because of lower costs. These improvements came about through the reduction in time needed to deploy improvements, customer service downtime, and cost.
  • Increased Revenue: Finally, the implementation of Pivotal correlated with the rise in revenue. As solutions went to market in a shorter time and at a higher quality, organizations discovered new sales and business opportunities.

With digital transformation continuing to define the market, having the right solution is key to success. Read the analysis today and let us know what you think.

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