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Setting the Selected Value in CoralUI 3


Setting the value of a coral-select element in the CoralUI framework v3 is somewhat complicated. It is also different than the process for CoralUI v2 and for standard HTML5 select elements.

With standard HTML5 select elements, you can simply use a snippet like this to set the selected value:




This does not work for a coral-select, however, as a coral-select contains several sub-elements to render the look and feel of the select and to see the actual form value.


<coral-select class="coral-Form-field coral3-Select" name="order" data-foundation-validation="" data-validation="" placeholder="" __vent-id__="2" aria-mutiselectable="false" aria-required="false" aria-invalid="false" aria-disabled="false" aria-readonly="false">
<button is="coral-button" class="coral-Button coral-Button--secondary coral-Button--block coral3-Select-button" size="M" variant="secondary" handle="$button" type="button" block="" role="combobox" aria-expanded="false" aria-haspopup="true" id="coral-id-0" aria-controls="coral-id-1" aria-owns="coral-id-1">
<coral-icon class="coral-Icon coral3-Select-openIcon coral-Icon--chevronDown coral-Icon--sizeXXS" icon="chevronDown" size="XXS" handle="icon" role="img" aria-label="chevron down"></coral-icon>
<span handle="label" class=" coral3-Select-label">Default</span>
<input handle="input" type="hidden" name="order" value="SCORE()">
<select handle="nativeSelect" class=" coral3-Select-select" tabindex="-1">
<option selected="selected" value="SCORE()">Default</option>
<option value="[jcr:content/cq:lastModified] DESC">Last Modified</option>
<option value="[jcr:content/cq:lastModified] ASC">Oldest</option>
<coral-taglist class="coral-TagList coral3-Select-tagList" name="" role="listbox" aria-live="off" aria-atomic="false" aria-relevant="additions" handle="taglist" aria-disabled="false" aria-invalid="false" aria-required="false"></coral-taglist>
<coral-overlay class="coral-Overlay coral3-Select-overlay" aria-hidden="true" handle="overlay" trapfocus="on" tabindex="0" focusonshow="on" target="#coral-id-0" role="presentation" offset="-1" alignmy="left top" alignat="left bottom" style="display: none;">
<div coral-tabcapture="top" tabindex="0"></div>
<div coral-tabcapture="intermediate" tabindex="0"></div>
<div coral-tabcapture="bottom" tabindex="0"></div>
<coral-selectlist class="coral3-SelectList coral3-Select-selectList" role="listbox" tabindex="-1" handle="list" id="coral-id-1" style="max-height: 252px;" aria-multiselectable="false">
<coral-selectlist-item class="coral3-SelectList-item is-selected" role="option" value="SCORE()" selected="" tabindex="0" aria-disabled="false" aria-selected="true">Default</coral-selectlist-item>
<coral-selectlist-item class="coral3-SelectList-item" role="option" value="[jcr:content/cq:lastModified] DESC" tabindex="-1" aria-selected="false" aria-disabled="false">Last Modified</coral-selectlist-item>
<coral-selectlist-item class="coral3-SelectList-item" role="option" value="[jcr:content/cq:lastModified] ASC" tabindex="-1" aria-selected="false" aria-disabled="false">Oldest</coral-selectlist-item>
<coral-select-item value="SCORE()" selected="">Default</coral-select-item>
<coral-select-item value="[jcr:content/cq:lastModified] DESC">Last Modified</coral-select-item>
<coral-select-item value="[jcr:content/cq:lastModified] ASC">Oldest</coral-select-item>
<input class="foundation-field-related" type="hidden" name="order@Delete">


If you attempt the HTML5 approach, it will set the form value but the selection in the user-visible dropdown will not change.


Setting the Value


Instead, use the following code:


var $sel = $('#my-select');
$sel.each(function(idx, select){
  select.items.getAll().forEach(function(item, idx){
    if(item.value === val){
      item.selected = true;     }   });


 This will:


  1. Loop through the raw CoralUI object(s)
  2. Extract their items
  3. Set the item with the value matching your value as selected


As you can see in the demo below, this will set the value and update the user selection in the CoralUI dropdown.


Setting the CoralUI coral-select Programatically


Thoughts on “Setting the Selected Value in CoralUI 3”

  1. If your example you have id – my-select. This ID was added to which particular element in the sample HTML?
    I am having the similar issue where I have to reset the dropdown if user enters a text into another textfield but not able to make it working.

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