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#AdobeChat Recap: Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital marketing has completely redefined how businesses reach their audience, and this is no less true for the healthcare industry. In their most recent #AdobeChat, Adobe discussed “Digital Marking in Healthcare” with special guest Daniel Klco of Perficient Digital.
Here are some highlights from the discussion.

How has digital transformed the healthcare landscape?

The general consensus was that digital has forced the healthcare industry to improve in order to meet consumer expectations.


What are the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face today around digital marketing?

Participants were quick to mention HIPAA issues when asked this question since privacy is one of the largest concerns that healthcare organizations continually face.  Guest speaker Daniel Klco also brought up several other challenges.

Despite the growing need for digital marketing in the healthcare industry and the many benefits, this question highlighted the fact that there are numerous challenges that must be examined.

What is an ideal digitally-enabled healthcare experience?

Several words stuck out during this portion of the conversation including cohesive, personal, and consistency.

Whether they are accessing electronic health records or making an appointment online, users want to feel secure. But more than ever, they are holding healthcare providers to the same standards as other businesses, which means they expect easy site navigation and personalization.

What role does personalization play in improving the digital experience and engagement in healthcare?

The answer to this question was unanimous that personalization is essential in healthcare. Since each patient and their needs are unique, healthcare must prioritize customization to improve.

Check out the full conversation on the Adobe Experience Cloud twitter page. You can follow and participate in the weekly #AdobeChat every Wednesday at (4 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. PT). This week’s edition is on experience based programmatic advertising!

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