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As the volume of digital commerce increases, it becomes more and more critical to create and deliver excellent digital customer experiences. Consumers are changing the way they shop, which forces businesses to evaluate their digital storefronts. Cyber Monday recently brought record-breaking online sales totaling $6.59 billion, highlighting consumers’ shifting habits.
Gone are the days when a company simply needed a warm ambiance and smiling employees to merit a positive reputation. As technology continues to improve, consumer expectations continue to increase. An outdated or confusing site quickly causes customers to move on to the next option. This digital relationship that now exists has forced businesses to prioritize online consumer experiences.
Providing a positive digital experience is now essential to ensure that consumers are satisfied and have a favorable image of your business.
Perficient Digital and Sitecore have partnered to create beautiful, interactive digital customer experiences. Check out some of their recent projects in the video below:

Are you providing consumers with a memorable digital experience? Comment below with your ideas or questions!

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