Pivotal SpringOne 2017: What’s Next with Google Cloud Platform?

As we all know, Pivotal positions their place in the market as “cloud platform agnostic”. That said, are some cloud partners more equal than others in the world of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)?

To answer that question, one needs to look no further than Google and their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solution, which Pivotal use for their own internal development needs.

Let’s look at the reasons why Pivotal has gone all in with Google-

  1. Costs- It might not be the cutting-edge answer you want to hear, but costs matter. By nature, any applications residing within PCF will be processing a large amount of information. For enterprise customers, this means big dollars. Given Google’s pricing structure for high consumption, this can mean cost differentials of up to 40%.
  2. Deep GCP-PCF integration already exists. If rapid deployment and scalability are critical, then GCP just makes sense. Google seamlessly integrates data services such as Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, and Big Query into applications, regardless of infrastructure provider.
  3. Performance- Google’s sub-minute virtual machine (VM) provisioning times should lead to significant performance improvements versus on-premises or other cloud providers.
  4. APIs for vision, speech, natural language, and translation, which leverage the technology of If these areas are important in your applications, Google’s leadership and experience in this space is hard to challenge.
  5. Roadmap and commitment between Pivotal and Google going forward. This year’s SpringOne is dominated by Google breakout sessions. The commitment from both sides for deeper integration and collaboration is the unspoken theme of the conference. It is very telling first session on the first day of the conference is a Google workshop on scaling microservices for the cloud.

It will be interesting to watch the buzz around the Google-Pivotal relationship and all the integrations and use cases, which will be in the spotlight in SpringOne 2017.  As Google has previously stated, they are investing $30 billion into GCP, and it seems as if Pivotal is one of their focus points of entry into large enterprise accounts.

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Perficient will be in booth #16 at Pivotal SpringOne 2017, highlighting our customer success stories and cloud expertise. Stop by and share your thoughts with one of our experts. Also, be sure to download our Pivotal guide for additional information on the platform.

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