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A Great Place to Begin My Career: Why I Picked Perficient Digital

I’m six months into my first job out of college, and so far, I’ve hit the ground running. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and I’m now a junior developer at Perficient Digital and based in Atlanta.

A Familiar Face

At a career fair, I recognized the Perficient recruiter from one of my previous college classes and decided to approach the company table. Speaking to someone who could give honest insight about the company and what it’s like working there as a new graduate made me feel at ease. It was a pleasant experience.

The Information I Needed

As I was job hunting, I found that the most helpful qualities in campus recruiters were transparency and knowledge about the actual role I was applying for. I really valued honesty about whether I was a good fit for the position. It was also important to me that the recruiter wasn’t too far removed from the ins and outs about what I would be doing on a daily basis.
Jacqueline Zhu, Perficient Digital

My Final Decision

Perficient Digital seemed like it would be a good place to begin my career and grow my knowledge and skills. I wanted exposure to various fields in information technology, and I felt that the company would be a good fit for me.

My Project Involvement

So far, I have primarily tackled web development and maintenance work for a leading flooring company. As a junior developer, I am often tasked with various unpredictable issues that come up on our client’s websites. It is my responsibility to investigate why and where the error is happening, and to fix it. I’ve been in numerous client demos, showing the new changes or fixes I contributed to each sprint.

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Jacqueline Zhu

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