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CA World Keynote Day 2: Transformational IT

It was an amazing four days at CA World, with attendees immersed in the full suite of CA solutions and their associated IT Trends. With many organizations now using the Modern Software Factory (which includes agile, automation, insights, and security) for their day-to-day innovation needs, CA Technologies CTO Otto Berkes stepped to the stage to share insights, learnings, and lessons for the journey ahead.

Chief among some of the success stories were movie chain AMC and media giant 21st Century Fox, which have leveraged CA’s Modern Software Factory to achieve digital transformation. In AMC’s case, the adoption of customer insights enabled the theater chain to strategically offer concessions depending on the movie being shown for greater sales. For 21st Century Fox, CA’s solutions empowered a closer tie to technology for many of its leading television shows on the Fox News Channel.

In all, the conclusion drawn by Berkes on stage was simple: Those who employ the principles of the Modern Software Factory 70% higher profits and 50% higher revenue. We consider this to be definitive in showing the power of DevOps and the adoption of digital transformation.

However, the conversation didn’t end there. Despite advances in modern IT, there was also ample concern about the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In particular, the biggest worry was the insertion of historical bias into artificial intelligence and how this would affect economic and social inequality.

Additionally, concern was also shared in the realm of IT security. With recent breaches of credit card information and worries of continued governmental interference, Berkes expressed that his biggest worry in 2030 that nothing will have changed.

Finally, worry was again shared around the skills gap, which continues to challenge technology companies. Additionally, much was also mentioned around the need for diversity.

Were you at the 2nd day keynote for CA World? Let us know what you thought of the talk in the comments below.

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