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Rise 2.4 Introduces New Enhancements for the Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the release of Rise 2.4 for customer availability. Rise 2.4 provides numerous enhancements and features designed to enable customers to provide a modern intranet and portal experience for Office 365 and SharePoint. Here are some of the highlights.

Enterprise Speed and Reliability

With Rise 2.4, we are able to deliver the intranet at enterprise speed. Rise features such as Web Parts, Menus, Directories, and Applications have been updated to leverage a more modern front-end framework providing increased speed and advanced caching capabilities. These enhancements coupled with our enterprise-grade architecture and global reliability provide a intranet platform purpose built for the global enterprise and flexible enough for smaller organizations.

New and Improved Web Parts

Rise 2.4 introduces two new Web Parts and many upgrades to existing Web Parts.
Selected Applications Web PartSelected Applications Web Part
The Selected Applications enables the ability to display a subset of Applications. The Web Parts provides a great deal of flexibility to configure the number of rows and which applications to display. This Web Part is extremely useful wherever you want to highlight specific applications such as on the Home Page or Departmental Pages.
Pages Web PartPages Web Part
The Pages Web Part enables the ability to display links to content pages within a Pages Library. The user can control the list of pages easily through creation of Views. The Pages Web Part makes it much easier to manage links to important content since the data is presented dynamically you never have to worry about broken links or stale data again.
Web Part Enhancements

  • Added the ability to specify icons for the web part header for all web parts.
  • Added property grouping for web part properties to make web part editing more intuitive.
  • Recent News Web Part – added a “new” indicator to indicate recent news
  • Video Web Part – added support for Microsoft Stream video playback
  • Call to Action Web Part – added new styling options
  • Key Documents Web Part – added Search option and “See More” button
  • Location Map Web Part – added search/filter abilities for the Location Map
  • Article Slider Web Part – improved image rendering and UX
  • Recent News Web Part – added new view options
  • Application Directory Web Part – added new view options
  • Related Articles Web Part – improved query logic
  • Spotlight Web Part – added paging and UX enhancements
  • Calendar Web Part – improved support for recurring items, new Calendar Item detail display, support for Add to Calendar

Directories Enhancements

With the release of Rise 2.4, we have continued to build upon the success of the Rise Directories, which provide curated search experiences for commonly requested information such as People, News, Documents, and Applications. With Rise 2.4 we have made it easier to configure these directories and also to build out custom directories based on your organizations specific needs. Customers have already taken advantage of this functionality to build out directories for FAQs, Conference Rooms, Policies & Procedures documents and more.

Rise Customers

If you are a Rise customer and would like more information or would like to schedule an upgrade to Rise 2.4, please contact Rise Support.

Not a Rise Customer

If you are not a Rise customer and would like to learn more about Rise or schedule a demo of Rise for your organization please get in touch with us.

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