Sitecore Symposium 2017: What’s New In Azure?

What’s New In Azure?

This session was led by Michael Collier. He talked about some of the new features in the Azure portal. The following are my notes from the session:

  • Storage Service Encryption
    • Data encrypted at rest
    • Can have automatic key management
    • Automatically encrypted on save and read
  • Vulnerability Assessment in SQL
    • Runs scans on your databases
    • Lists risks and possible ways to fix
  • Virtual Network Service Endpoints
    • Restrict access to an endpoint to your virtual network
    • The endpoint is not available to the public
  • Availability Zones
    • Help protect from data center level failures within a region
  • Azure Storage
    • Easier way to get storage metrics for blob storage and files
    • Tiered storage can save you money if you do not need super fast access to your data
      • Hot
      • Cold
      • Archive
  • Storage Add-ons
    • Storage and compute can be scaled at different rates and are not tied together as before
    • Intelligence on performance – Helpful on databases to improve query level performance
  • Azure Container Instance
    • Supports Windows and Linux containers
    • No need to manage the underlying virtual machine
    • Per second billing – can be cheaper than a full virtual machine for a full week of usage
    • Can be created from the Azure CLI
  • Azure Functions
    • Process events with server-less code
    • Per second billing
    • Used for very short-lived processing
  • Event Grid
    • Backbone for event-driven computing
    • Manage all events in one place
    • Send it data, it sends the event to handlers
  • Azure Cloud Shell
    • Bash and PowerShell access to virtual machines
    • Browse Azure resources like a file system
    • Save scripts in Azure as files
  • Azure Cost Management
    • Track cost of resources
    • Optimize spending on virtual machines
  • Azure Search
    • Performance upgrades especially for Sitecore

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