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Cognitive Cloud is Driving Financial Transformation

Stock market investment has been a topic of discussion for much of the last century. From maximizing returns to understanding trends, the process has generally been manual.

The cognitive cloud is changing that.

Disruptive technologies are fundamentally altering the financial technology industry. They’re reducing the complexity of investment decisions by making offers and products more intuitive and, in some cases, even fun. Here are some example use cases that we’ve seen on the market in the past few months.

  • Data Processing: News changes at any moment. This was a challenge understood by a company on the hunt for primetime investment moments. Using IBM Cloud, the organization used Watson and can now look at “random” data such as news headlines, tweets and stock trends to predict market sentiment and direction, ultimately leading to profits for individual and institutional investors. There’s no longer a need to read the newspaper the next morning to make investment decisions.
  • Blockchain: Another example is the building of digital trust through cloud and Blockchain, the project of another leading financial technology firm. The organization built a platform that cuts the identity verification process for financial institutions by as much as 80 percent, thus improving the financial firm’s ability to comply with regulations and reduce fraud. The platform is further augmented by using IBM Blockchain to decentralize records.
  • Customer Experience: Meeting heightened customer expectations is on everyone’s mind, a challenge for a bank using IBM Watson to be the most customer-centric. The bank plans to use cognitive to better match customers with their preferred banking channels, provide enhanced personalized messaging across inbound touchpoints and reassure customers that sensitive information is secure.

As financial institutions launch new applications, the need for these types of cloud and cognitive solutions only grows, creating more use cases that enable easier financial management.

Are you using cognitive in any of your business activities? If not, see what’s possible by speaking to a sales specialist at for more information.

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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