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Top Sitecore 9 Features From 6 Newly Certified Sitecore MVPs

A few weeks ago during Sitecore Symposium, our team had the opportunity to become certified on Sitecore 9, which had not yet been publicly released. This meant that by the time of the announcement, over 180 certified professionals (including six from Perficient) were ready to help.
This is one of those releases that pushes Sitecore into a new era, which is very exciting, but also means there is a lot to digest.  Lots of new features, new terminology, and the opportunity to gain a significant advantage for your brand. With the massive amounts of information, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Step back, take a breath, and start in one simple place.
Videos to get started with Sitecore 9
This video series will take you through it a little at a time. And of course, six of our nine Sitecore MVPs are already Sitecore 9 Certified Developers. They are here to help – and to share their favorite Sitecore 9 feature(s).
Mark Servias

My favorite feature in Sitecore 9 is the fact it’s not 8.  I am happy to retire the Dynamic Placeholders module we wrote as Sitecore has now included it as core.
Toby Gutierrrez

Sitecore 9 is leaps and bounds above previous versions in terms of developer acceleration and user functionality. I have never been more excited to develop with Sitecore than today and moving forward with Sitecore 9. Very much looking forward to the use of Sitecore Forms and working with the xConnect API to integrate all the things!
Corey Smith

Sitecore 9 is taking Sitecore in all the right directions—xConnect expands Sitecore’s omnichannel capabilities, machine learning is now built in to the core product, and the Sitecore Installation Framework makes Sitecore installations more customizable than ever. I’m most excited about Sitecore Cortex and seeing how it provides more engaging experiences to customers.
George Chang

Federated authentication – there are few things better than to have one less password.
Andy Cohen

Huge fan of the new Sitecore Installation Framework.
Chris Wiliams

The big feature for me in Sitecore 9 is xConnect. Now it is easier for you to get access to you xDB contacts and ensure you get the right information into the system to make better decisions. The other big one is the new Forms, built from the ground up. No longer do you have to use WFFM.  I agree with Mark Servias, Dynamic Placeholder as core is another favorite of mine.
If you have questions about Sitecore 9, reach out to our team via the comments box below. We look forward to helping you on your journey.

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