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10 Tips from Walmart for Killing it in E-Commerce

I recently wrote “What Retailers Can Learn From Walmart’s Incredible E-Commerce Growth In 2017” for Why? This year, Walmart posted an impressive 60% year-over-year e-commerce growth, and then Walmart announced it will sharply scale back store openings to focus more acutely on E-Commerce. So I wanted to take a look at what tactics have helped to drive this phenomenal E-Commerce success for them.
Below is a list of 10 tips I suggest in the article for how retailers can learn from Walmart’s growth to drive their own.

10 Tips for Retailers to Drive Success with E-Commerce

  1. Enhance sales and awareness of your products and offerings by participating in large marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.
  2. Collect zip code information from online shoppers in order to understand whether the shopper is within a reasonable proximity to a local store to support in-store pickup.
  3. Leverage in-store analytics and warehouse and inventory management systems to understand and optimize every one of their inventory locations.
  4. Use APIs to better manage costs by expanding carrier selection, tracking and integrating with critical systems, and to drive complex inventory and shipping processes.
  5. Take advantage of cloud solutions that connect to existing systems more seamlessly than on-premises solutions. They also allow retailers to innovate more quickly by frequently testing new features and functionalities.
  6. Test your own ways of getting products into the hands of customers more quickly through services like UberRUSH and Deliv.
  7. Define what product categories you want to grow within and target partnerships or acquisitions based on that goal.
  8. Look at in-store customer behavior and feedback as well as site-wide search to understand what products and brands your shoppers are looking for. This may reveal a product or brand that you don’t already offer.
  9. Respond to shopping behaviors that are becoming increasingly personalized and engagement driven. Evaluate and define your average shopper’s identity and values, and then map out marketing strategy, shopping experience and e-commerce features based on their desires.
  10. Invest in digital marketing methods that will directly impact traffic and sales, including:
    1. Email marketing: Shoppers expect to receive offers and coupons from retailers they’ve already shopped with. Build a list of customer email addresses and offer discounts and coupons via email.
    2. Design: Make sure your site has a beautiful and compelling design and that it’s easy to use.
    3. Reviews and ratings: Reviews help with search engine optimization converting buyers.
    4. Social media: Integrate Instagram and Facebook by posting product photos and demos, encouraging users to share and purchasing ads on the platforms.

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