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Sitecore Symposium 2017: Commerce with Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic stood up two separate websites on Sitecore Commerce. Ravi Nadimpally, a solutions architect at Mayo Clinic, participated in the presentation. Commerce and a hospital you say? It has to do with health newsletters and other books and services. It’s a relatively small site but it plays into Mayo Clinic’s superb brand and the ongoing extension of the brand throughout the U.S. and now globally. So yes, it’s unexpected to see Mayo Clinic with Commerce but interesting all the same.

Mayo Clinic

Ranked as the #1 hospital in the nation. It’s mission statement is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well being by providing the best care to every patients through integrated clinical practice, education and research.
Fact: Mayo Clinic generates close to $10B in revenue. That’s about 4% of the GDB pf Minnesota.
Fact: Mayo has campuses in Arizona and Florida as well. Offices are also in Dubai and Singapore.

The Site(s)

Mayo Clinic Marketplace

It’s the Mayo Clinic online store. It focuses primarily on books and newsletters. The new store will offer additional products and services
Target Audience: General consumers interested in health related products and services and who are willing to pay.
The Future: Add additional products, add additional languages.
Other new features:

  • Cross-selling capability
  • Ability to offer additional products based on products already selected
  • Ease of managing product offerings
  • Updated design (easier to use and responsive)
  • Stability and security

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

First launched in 1983 with digital version in 2005. This is a subscription newsletter.
Target Audience: an older demographic who has health issues and willing to pay for information. New version expands this demographic to those who want it digitally.
The Future: Expand the health letter, add features, reach a worldwide audience
Why Redesign: It’s old. It’s built on Cold Fusion. Too much of the content is PDF.
Needed features:

  • efficient content management
  • flexibility in iterating design
  • updated visual design
  • stability
  • security

The Design is already on Sitecore. It’s proven at Mayo Clinic and provides a good base on which to build and integrate with the Sitecore Commerce product.
Tools used in design: Axure and InVision. They were used as part of a user first design approach with design and testing involved.

  • SSO
  • External fulfillment pfovider
  • USPS API for address validation
  • Solr for search
  • An external rules engine
  • Note: Sitecore plugins were used to provide customizations to shipping and payment and tax services.

Location: It’s in the last stages of testing and will shortly be launched.

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