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6 Applications And 1 Real-Life Example Of IoT In Life Sciences

I recall hearing Michael Farrell, the CEO of ResMed, speak about how important the Internet of Things (IoT) is to his company. There’s probably not a better case study of IoT in life sciences than ResMed.

The medical device company specializes in sleep apnea products and solutions. They also happen to be the makers of AirMini, the world’s smallest CPAP machine. The beauty of this little device is that it has an accompanying mobile app that lets you manage and control a variety of therapy and comfort settings. Moreover, users can view 30 days of sleep data that helps them to track and improve their therapy.

Today, ResMed has more than two million patients remotely monitored every day, across a variety of the company’s 100% cloud-connected medical devices.

ResMed is just one real-life example. In the life sciences industry, IoT advances medicine and improves patient health in a variety of ways.

Below are six applications of IoT in the industry:

  1. Sensors on machines to facilitate efficient production and improve reliability/responsiveness of supply chain
  2. Sensors to proactively mitigate machine failure in the production process
  3. Monitor connected medical devices to anticipate required maintenance and proactively service devices
  4. Sensor data from devices sent to the manufacturer to improve design and quality for future models
  5. Wearable devices that measure patients’ body traits and allow doctors to adapt therapies that align with patients’ exact condition
  6. Motion sensors and facial recognition on mobile devices to monitor medication intake for clinical trials

If you’re interested in learning more, we recently published a guide that discusses the why, what, and how of IoT. In it, we explore:

  • The current state of IoT
  • Applications of IoT solutions across 11 major industries
  • A strategic process to implement IoT solutions in your organization
  • Five considerations for establishing IoT solutions

You can download it here or fill out the form below. We would also be happy to discuss your interest in IoT, as well as our expertise in implementing IoT programs for leading companies.

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