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5 Digital Experience Fears to Overcome this Halloween

In the age of customer obsession, nothing is worse than a bad customer experience gone viral. Whether it’s a package arriving late, rude service people, or ignored product defections, headline-hungry newsrooms and vigilant everyday individuals pick up experiences quickly and won’t hold back in their stinging criticisms.

Thankfully, there are paths around these fears. In light of the upcoming Halloween holiday, we chose some fears our clients offer when exploring a digital experience transformation.

Fear #1: I’m afraid we have no idea what our customers are saying. 

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what your customers are saying about you. If your organization has yet to create an online presence, now might be as good a time as any. If an online presence exists but isn’t managed effectively, it may either be time to hire a dedicated person or look to a consulting firm for best practices.

Fear #2: I’m scared my message isn’t being heard.

Customers use a variety of different ways these days to keep up with their favorite brands. According to MWP, 55% of people watch videos online daily and Animoto found that 4 out of every 5 consumers finds demonstration videos helpful. If copy isn’t effective as it once was, then consider switching how your message is delivered through video or images.

Fear #3: I’m fearful our employees don’t have all the right resources.

For some organizations, digital experience fears start within company walls. In recent years, many have fought their fears by implementing employee resource portals using platforms like IBM WebSphere Portal. These portals offer resources including videos, pay stub information, company communications, and inter-organizational associations. With 85% of new graduates and workforce entrants emphasizing the importance of available resources as a key decision point for what company to work for, an employee portal might just be the right move.

Fear #4: I wonder how we are handling our customer service.

Customer service is an important piece of every business and having channels beyond the phone are important for providing solutions and gauging satisfaction. For less important (but still critical) issues, consider building a portal where your customers can share their experiences, get support, and rate their experience with your organization.

Fear #5: I’m scared our customers aren’t getting what they need.

Finally, with the buyer’s journey mostly online, you want to ensure that your customers can find what they need in a timely manner. Whether it’s insurance solutions or the latest mobile phone, having the right digital experience makes all the difference. Additionally, having artificial intelligence like IBM Watson can be even more helpful in gauging customer intent based on pre-determined needs.

What fears do you have around your organization’s digital experience implementation? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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