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The Road to Sitecore Symposium 2017

Slack is quiet.  “The calm before the Sym” says Mike Reynolds.  I board my flight on Sunday and I am in packing mode.  Cab ordered already.  Safe flight in to everyone. I will be logging my journey to Symposium here.
I have been to many Symposiums and Dreamcores over the year but this will be one of those ones were you there moments that people will be talking about for the next decade.  What was your experience for that Symposium Week in October 2017.  Well mine started off with a decent breakfast at the airport followed by a good flight from Toronto and then upon receiving my luggage at Baggage claim I am greeted by a huge welcome.
symposium 2017 welcome
The weather is nice. Not a cloud in the sky. Check-In was smooth and staff were very friendly.  Rooms are nice a view of the amazing pool I will definitely be swimming in later this week in my Star Wars bathing suit.  Tonight will be an event with some fellow MVPs.  All I will say here is it will be a 3 hour tour and it will be awesome.  Right now I am just relaxing walked around a bit.

and waiting for Corey to land.
Watch for my Day 1 experience as I attend Sitecore Commerce Pre-Session.

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