How To Fix Slow Subject Recruitment At Clinical Sites
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How To Fix Slow Subject Recruitment At Clinical Sites

Even the most promising clinical sites can have trouble recruiting enough eligible subjects. Pressure from upper management and/or the sponsor organization to meet recruitment targets causes stress and anxiety for study managers, which in turns strains their relationships with underperforming sites.

This tension can be alleviated by helping sites:

  • Broaden their pool of potential subjects
  • Build a database of potential subjects
  • Leverage the social networks of potential subjects for recruiting purposes

To illustrate how companies achieve this, consider the scenario described in the blog post, How To Make Clinical Subject Recruitment Easier On Clinical Sites. That modern, multi-faceted solution not only frees sites from the constraints of their existing patient population and physical location, but makes it convenient for potential subjects to become and engaged over time. It casts a wider net than any one site can, involves more parties (even automated parties) in recruitment efforts, and leverages customer experience (CX) principles to connect potential subjects to sites.

To learn more about common issues with clinical sites and how to fix them, check out this guide.

And, for more ideas about ways to incorporate digital/mobile experiences into clinical trial operations, check out this guide.

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