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Perficient Cited in Vendor Landscape Report: Salesforce Implementation Partners from Forrester

Why Change Management is a critical part of digital transformation

We’re honored to be included in the September 2017 Forrester report “Vendor Landscape: Salesforce Implementation Partners.”

The report highlights “changes in the market in the past two years and overviews the top Salesforce services partners in 2017.”

Why We Were Recognized & What It Means to You

Since 2009, we have delivered successful projects in three key areas cited in the report:

  1. Ideation
  2. Deployment
  3. Ongoing solution management

Our mission is simple: make our clients heroes. That takes more than smart people and hard work, though you’ll find plenty of both around here. It takes a culture that understands you and your desired business outcomes. We’re specialists who focus on manufacturing and the unique challenges that come with it. In other words? We know how your business really works.

An Inside Look at the Ignite Process: How We Work

To execute strategic initiatives, we leverage a Discovery methodology that is closely aligned with the Salesforce Ignite process. (If you’re new to the idea, Ignite is the proprietary design thinking approach utilized by Salesforce.)

In fact, we’ve had the opportunity to participate in several Ignite sessions, collaborating with Salesforce and our clients to ideate and create rapid prototypes. The overall goal: quickly deliver ideas and develop a framework to help our clients transform their businesses.

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