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Using Healthcare Personalization to Delight, Engage & Empower

Consumers (including members and patients) recognize personalization gives them more enjoyable and relevant experiences online that help them accomplish their goals. Health plans and providers are now adopting personalization to create positive end-to-end consumer experiences on their sites, which in turn may increase engagement, improve loyalty, lower cost of service, and improve patient outcomes.

For many organizations, site personalization can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. The best approach is to start based on your current capabilities to delight consumers and work your way into a more in-depth solution. Your organization’s digital maturity will help define the level of personalization introduced across the site. There’s a range of factors from data integration and quality, technological capabilities, and sufficient resources that will determine the optimal path on your personalization roadmap.

In its simplest form we’ve broken down the implementation of the personalization journey into a crawl, walk, and run approach.


  • Present content based on location, device type, and site history
  • Leverage tools that help you create content easily, and determine the content to display


  • Create segments around attributes such as age, gender, or location so you can adjust messaging and content that is more closely aligned
  • Conduct rules-based targeting, A/B testing, and multi-variate testing
  • Deliver recommendations to targeted segments


  • Share segments across your websites or mobile applications to create a unified experience
  • Leverage machine learning models to determine the right content to present to an individual based on current trends and how similar individuals have responded.
  • Utilize recommendation engines through collaborative filtering algorithms to drive engagement and conversions. Define category of content such as related articles or videos and test different algorithms such as popularity, past behavior, or recently viewed.

Personalization can take many forms across each interaction on a site – its ultimate goal should be to help you improve the consumer, member, and patient experience. Start simple and delight your consumers.

What are the steps your organization’s taking to implement personalization?

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