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Owning the End-to-End Consumer – Patient Experience

Healthcare providers continue to focus on every interaction point consumers and patients have both online and in facility. It is critical for providers to own the end-to-end consumer-patient experience whether capabilities are empowered inside or outside the provider organization.

The challenge is that providers are often reliant on multiple third party vendors for consumer and patient facing tools such as find a doc, condition information, schedule an appointment, virtual visits, prescription renewal requests, and viewing patient records. This often results in a disjointed, co-branded user experience – diminishing provider loyalty. In addition to the lack of a cohesive patient experience, using multiple third party vendors creates patient data challenges. For example, patient data captured by vendors may not be readily available if a change in vendor is necessary.

To truly own the relationship, providers must be thoughtful in the negotiation and selection of partners. They must offer a provider-driven, provider-branded, elegant user experience with single sign on, uniform interfaces, and vendor patient data use limitations. Equally as important is the capture and retention of consumer and patient data in its original form, or mirrored so if technology advances or vendor changes occur in the future, the value of such data is retained.

What are you doing to own the consumer – patient experience?

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