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Life at Perficient

How I Know I Made the Right Choice with Perficient

For me, one of the most important qualities of a campus recruiter is to spend optimum time with each candidate to find out about the individual’s career aspirations, work history, and educational background, and discuss opportunities the company can offer accordingly. Perficient was extremely helpful in this process.

Launching My Career

I received a master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati and joined Perficient two years ago. I had an amazing experience interacting with Perficient’s talent acquisition team during one of my university’s career fairs. They offered opportunities that were very much aligned with what I was looking for to start my career.
I was impressed with the business model Perficient follows as well as the huge number of opportunities for my professional growth, something that’s extremely important for me.

A Chance to Shine

I’m a technical consultant based in our Columbus, OH, office and have been engaged with two clients so far. I have shown initiative and the ability to be a quick learner and add value to my projects. I always strive to deliver quality work, and our clients have expressed appreciation for it.

A Great Decision

After being with Perficient for two years, I can honestly say that it is indeed a great place to work. I made the right choice.

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