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Educational Content Gets More Viewing Time Than Cats on YouTube

Google Think has a long but interesting blog post about, “What Brands Can Learn from Educational Content on YouTube”  Here are some stats from the post:

  1. Educational content gets 4X viewing time than animal video content. (Yes, that a statistic pushed directly towards digital marketers)
  2. There are 500 million views of educational content every day
  3. There are over 1 million educational videos shared on YouTube every day
  4. Over 50% of that content comes from outside the U.S.

This is all interesting and in some ways geared toward the people who intend to make a living off YouTube but it has some relevance towards the digital marketer for any company.  In Malik Duncan’s own words

So what does all this mean for brands and advertisers? If brands can understand how people take in information on YouTube, they can better engage viewers with educational ads and content.

Let me give some examples that happened in the last two weeks from my own life and then let me end with an interesting chart.

  1. I ran out of line on my weed eater.  I hate it when that happens. This was a new weed eater and I wasn’t looking forward to my various attempts to thread it myself and have the auto-feed fail.  So I did a specific search on how to refill the line on a Black and Decker weed eater and voila, 10 videos of which two were specific to my need. One was from Black and Decker.  I watched those two videos to completion.
  2. My son asked me a very specific question about the Mac app Garage Band.  That’s not my thing and I didn’t have the first clue nor did I relish mucking with my son with it. So I told him to go search on YouTube. You guessed it, my son is now a Garage Band expert in at least one area of the tool after viewing a couple videos.

So knowing this, I like one piece of advice out of many from this post.  Be specific rather than broad when posting your educational content to YouTube.

As with any blog post, click through to the entire article, it contains more than my brief summary.

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