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Business Runs on the C’s: Part 2 – The 4th C

Last night I awoke and quickly wrote down this poem:

Content is King,
Commerce is Queen.

Who will buy
If your product is not seen.

If Content is King and Commerce is Queen, then Relevant Search is the Crown. Through the power of Coveo Machine Learning and integration with all 3 pieces of the triangle, you have a very powerful triangle indeed. Thus Coveo is the 4th C, the Crown that sits on the head of the king and queen but also the rook.

Content and Search

Most people agree that search is the fastest way to find the content you are looking for; however, relevance in your search is very important.  Google has come a long way in this matter, but has a long way to go.  A quick search for a specific term would produce good results but often you have to type in a few different searches to find what you are looking for.  This is where Coveo Machine Learning combined with Sitecore Personalization comes in. Knowing the persona of whom is searching would know whether Helix was their favorite rock band or the guidelines and best practices for your next Sitecore project.  This brings up the old debate about “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?” In our case if you wrote a great piece of amazing content but nobody reads it, would it still be amazing?
The crown of search on your content provides a filter so that people find the relevant content quickly.

CRM and Search

Finding the right contact at the right time is a major concern to sales representatives. Now say a potential customer wants information on a specific product and they send you the link, in a timely manner, you could open the product and as you have permissions would see all the relevant contacts right there on the product details page, such as when they are available and how to contact them.  This is important during the sales process because you want to catch them while they are interested.  Delays while you look around and try to find a contact could kill the sale.
The crown of search on your CRM ensures the sales and support representatives have the information they need to contact who they need to so the customer is answered in a timely fashion.

Commerce and Search

Now for the final crown. When a customer reaches your website and looks for an item, they may come in looking at a given item and say, “This is kind of what I need, but maybe not exactly.”  Being able to provide relevant recommendations may help them find the product that meets their exact needs. It may also help them find other products they didn’t realize you sold that they were looking for.  Getting the proper recommendations during the sales cycle is very important. Amazon does it all the time.
To see a demo on how this works check out the recent Cleveland Sitecore User Group presentation on Coveo and eCommerce. There will be higher level presentation on this as well on the marketing track at Sitecore Symposium.
The crown of search on Commerce provides relevant recommendations to your customers, increasing the likelihood that a customer will purchase the product that more effectively meets their needs and also increase potential up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.

The 4th C

The the crown of search on all 3 parts of the triangle are very important to ensure quick access to relevant information throughout the entire sales cycle.
If you would like to hear more about Coveo and how it could benefit you, reach out to us and we can help you get started or attend the live Coveo Demo Tuesday September 26th at 11:00 am ET or 8:00 PT.  It is a 45 minute demo that will blow your mind.

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