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How To Streamline Investigator-Initiated Trial (IIT) Proposals

Imagine with me:

One of your experienced investigators comes up with a brilliant idea for an off-label use of one of your medications. He logs in and navigates to your online IIT proposal form, which only he and other experienced investigators can see.

He begins completing the form online using interactive prompts, and uploads supporting documents to his proposal. He’s pulled away for a patient emergency before he can finish, so he saves his work.

Later, he logs in on his mobile phone to complete his proposal and submit; the proposal status changes to Submitted.

His proposal goes through an automated pre-screening process that looks for key values/words previously deemed as ‘of interest’ to your organization. His proposal survives pre-screening and arrives in your inbox for further review; the proposal status becomes Under Review, which the investigator can see.

After reviewing the proposal, you identify a few points of clarification needed in the proposal, and the back and forth is handled via notifications generated by the system. Once everything has been clarified and agreed upon, you click “Accept” and the proposal’s status becomes Accepted. The investigator receives a congratulatory notification that also explains next steps.

The process we just imagined makes use of modern business process management (BPM) technology. Want to see it in action? Send us an email and we’ll show you.

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