Considering an Azure Active Directory Hybrid Identity Solution?

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The Essential Guide to Microsoft Teams End-User Engagement

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Identity solutions can be complicated, especially with the rising popularity of consumer-based devices and cloud SaaS applications in the corporate space.
Microsoft recognizes this, and to help, they’ve put together the Hybrid Identity Design Considerations Guide. According to Microsoft,

“[This guide] will help you to understand how to design a hybrid identity solution that best fits the business and technology needs for your organization. This guide details a series of steps and tasks that you can follow to help you design a hybrid identity solution that meets your organization’s unique requirements. Throughout the steps and tasks, the guide will present the relevant technologies and feature options available to organizations to meet functional and service quality (such as availability, scalability, performance, manageability, and security) level requirements.
“Specifically, the hybrid identity design considerations guide goals are to answer the following questions:
What questions do I need to ask and answer to drive a hybrid identity-specific design for a technology or problem domain that best meets my requirements?
What sequence of activities should I complete to design a hybrid identity solution for the technology or problem domain
What hybrid identity technology and configuration options are available to help me meet my requirements? What are the trade-offs between those options so that I can select the best option for my business?”

Download the guide here. Need more help designing a hybrid identity solution for your organization? Let us know! We can help.

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