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Be Our Guest: How Forced Account Creation Kills Conversion

The Digital Essentials, Part 3
The Digital Essentials, Part 3

Developing a robust digital strategy is both a challenge and an opportunity. Part 3 of the Digital Essentials series explores five of the essential technology-driven experiences customers expect, which you may be missing or not fully utilizing.

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As an online retailer, it’s your goal to cut down on the steps in the path to purchase. Yet, many eCommerce sites force creating an account before a shopper can check out. And almost every shopper dreads this phase of the process.
It’s a fact: account creation is a conversion killer, blocking valuable users from completing their purchase. In fact, 25% of shoppers will abandon a purchase if they are forced to create an account. Cut down on barriers to purchase by not requiring people to register to buy your product.
If you’re not currently using a guest account option, you can bet your competitors are. The “Guest Checkout” option is now anticipated by online users and makes their purchase much easier. Without this option, users are either forced into creating an account or trying their best to remember their username/password, which takes them down a path that will likely lead them to abandon their cart.
You may be thinking, “But how do I build my marketing database without registration?” While a guest checkout option doesn’t save payment information or give you any extra details on your shoppers’ demographics, you’ll still get their email address to retarget them for future promotions.
When you get a new customer to your site, you want them to be able to buy quickly. Once they’ve made up their mind that they’re buying, your goal is to remove as much friction as possible from the experience.
Are you currently forcing account creation? How is the rest of your site performing? Let us take a look and let you know where you can improve. Request a complimentary conversion rate optimization assessment.

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