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Streamline Your Maintenance and Service Scheduling Webinar

For those that might have missed our Maximo Scheduler webinar, here’s another one that will probably be slightly different version of the Maximo Scheduler Webinar from a few months ago. We have the same great presenters and another informative session regarding how Maximo Scheduler can possibly help you and your planning team. It’s Wednesday, September 6th at 11 EST. It’s a short week with the holiday, so hopefully you can carve out a little time if interested…

Maximo Scheduler Plus is an advanced work management tool for Maximo Asset Management that extends its scheduling capabilities. This enables users to manage large complex projects, as well as all planned and unplanned maintenance across either a broad geographic area. Additionally Scheduler Plus helps where weather plays an important factor in asset availability. Using a combination of both Maximo Scheduler and Scheduler Plus, end-to-end work management can be accomplished using a single system of record.

This session will provide a brief overview of the two offerings followed by a demonstration. Attendees will learn how Scheduler and Scheduler Plus can help streamline maintenance and service scheduling practices through:

1) Graphically managing short/mid/long term work including complex projects

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2) Integrating weather data with Maximo work planning, scheduling, assigning and dispatching

3) An intuitive appointment booking application

4) Automated scheduling and assignment of work

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Vikul Banta | IBM Offering Manager

Lacey Radabaugh | IBM Client Technical Professional

Lori Pilgrim | IBM Maximo Design Architect

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