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Oracle Incentive Compensation – Job Sets Creation

Job Set :

  • A job set is used to run the multiple step-by-step calculation processes in a sequential manner without running them manually each time.
  • It can be scheduled to run at a specific time.


JobSet Creation:

Navigation : Setup and Maintenance / Task: Manage Custom Enterprise Scheduler Jobs for Incentive Compensation > Manage Job Sets

A Job Set is created for the Custom calculation processes (Collections, Revert transactions, Run Crediting and Rollup, Run Roll up, Classify Credits and Manage Calculation process) and deployment of rules. (Credit rules, Classification rules, Compensation plans)

Oracle Incentive Compensation  - Job Sets Creation

Click on New button to create the job set


STEP # 1:  Create the job set definition

Oracle Incentive Compensation  - Job Sets Creation



Please enter the following details

Display Name WI Custom Calculation Jobset
Description WI Custom Calculation Jobset
Select Serial



Note: Below is the list of Job names for processes.


Request Metadata Job Name
Deploy Compensation Plans DeployPlans
Deploy Credit Rules SynchronizeCreditRules
Deploy Classification Rules SyncrhonizeClassificationRules
Import Transaction (using UCM) TxnInterfaceLoader
Collection CollectTxnSQL (Release 9 and onward)
Revert Transactions RevertTransactions
Classify Credits Classification
Run Crediting (Generate Direct Incentive Credits) Crediting
Run Crediting and Rollup CreditingAndRollup
Run Rollup  (Generate Incentive Rollup Credits) Rollup
Calculation (for All Participants) CalculateAll


Job Set Steps :


Step ID                      Job                                  Effective Application

———-                    ———                              —————————–

Revert                       RevertTransactions  Insert into main diagram

Classification            Classification               Insert into main diagram

Crediting                   Crediting                     Insert into main diagram

Rollup                       Rollup                           Insert into main diagram

Calculate                   CalculateAll                Insert into main diagram



Add Application Defined Properties (NOTE:  In Release 11, the application defined properties will be auto populated)


Name                                                    Type                    Initial Value

———                                                   ————           ——————-

srsFlag                                                  String                Y                               (Make sure this value is an upper case Y )

jobDefinitionApplication                  String               CN

EXT_PortletContainerWebModule String               IncentiveCompensation




Add System Properties:


System Properties             Type                   Initial Value

————————-            ——–                 —————–

SYS_effectiveApplication     String             EarIncentiveCompensationEss

SYS_product                           String             CN

Oracle Incentive Compensation  - Job Sets Creation

How to run the Job set:


WI Custom Calculation Job set

Click  Manage Schedule processes / Schedule New Process / Select Job Set / WI Custom Calculation Jobset / Click ok


Select the job name and provide the Parameters for each job. For example,

  1. Collect Transactions: Parameters
Business Unit Worthington Steel
From Date 6/1/16
To Date 5/31/17


Select the Schedule Tab and enter the frequency of the job set and submit it.


Frequency –  Daily

Every – 1 Day

Start Date – 02/03/17 (Start date of the program to be run)

End Date – 05/31/17 (Date till the program has to be run)

Oracle Incentive Compensation  - Job Sets Creation

After the Job set is submitted, it can be viewed in View Processes.

Oracle Incentive Compensation  - Job Sets Creation




How to Create a Request Set for Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation Processes (Doc ID 1611235.1)

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