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15 Stats About High-Tech B2B

CMO.com has an interesting article on some key stats in the B2B world. By that we are talking about buying software or using solutions meant for business to business rather than a consumer facing solution.  Think campaign management software rather than a shopping cart.  I won’t quote every single stat but here are my top three:

2. In fact, when evaluating tech purchases, Millennials’ most frequently referred to industry analysts (38%), vendor face-to-face meetings (36%), and websites (33%). By comparison, Baby Boomers said they rely more on analysts (50%), colleagues (49%), and vendor meetings (48%), while Gen X prefers colleagues and vendor websites (both 40%) and analysts and trade shows (both 38%). (Source: Arketi Group)

6. B2B digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers. (Source: McKinsey)

14. Competition is heating up. The number of martech vendors has soared from about 150 in 2011 to almost 4,000 today. (Source: Blogger Scott Brinker)

when you read the above and when you read the others in the list, you’ll see that it’s all about Digital.

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