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What DevOps Influencers are Sharing, Summer 2017

Over on our Twitter handle, we have compiled a list of DevOps influencers, professionals who document, comment, and lead the charge on transforming innovation. Here’s what a few of them have been saying this summer.


Insights from DevOps Days

Bridget Kromhout is the Principal Technologist for Pivotal and an organizer for DevOpsDays. One of the leading sessions covered how team dynamics continues to be important for organizations who really want to get the most from DevOps.

Who Leads Enterprise Tech?

Werner Vogels leads Amazon Web Services, one of Perficient’s leading cloud and innovation partners. He shared an article showcasing the current leaders of enterprise technology. The list is a mix of leaders from firms across the board including cloud and DevOps.

How do you Maximize Continuous Delivery in DevOps?

Continuous delivery is a key component of DevOps, but there are considerations to keep in mind when implementing such tactics. Quality is just as important, as both Neil and Thierry indicate in their insights.

What Makes Enterprises Successful?

Technology is often the great equalizer when it comes to business, as far as general consensus goes. However, as we dive deeper into DevOps, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Analyst Joe McKendrick shares this article from Forbes on why it should really be people first.

How are Organizations Achieving Digital Maturity?

On one hand, digital transformation is one thing. On the other, we have organizations who have found ways to master their ascent into digital transformation. MIT’s Sloan Management Review covers the characteristics of such organizations in this in-depth white paper, retweeted by some of the members of our list.

Have you been reading anything interesting this summer? Share with us in the comments section below and let us know!

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