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How I’m Preparing for Sitecore Symposium 2017

It is less than 80 days now until the big event (well, big event for some of us). I am registered and booked my flight, but there is still a long road forward. If you have not registered, heed my warning: it will sell out fast.
Next is choosing and booking your Pre-Symposium Seminars. There were a lot of good ones this year, but for me, the choice was easy: Sitecore Commerce. Be sure to book yours soon as they sell out fast.
Then there is the decision of whether to bring the family to Vegas or not. Now, for New Orleans, it was easy; there were tours they could go on, some good shopping, and lots of places that were not Bourbon Street. For Vegas, it is a bit more difficult. There is the big wheel. There is some stuff in Excalibur. But, the flick flick cards and the moving billboards make it harder.
Flights are always a challenge because you have to decide when to fly in so you make the most of your time. Have the extra time with friends; attend a beer tour. For me, it will be fly in Sunday and fly out on the red eye, but it was a tough choice.
Finally, it was what to wear. I mean, there are the standard shirts from prior conferences like the famous Ignition shirts:

Then there are the official capes like the one below worn by the legendary @Sitecordial

Whatever you wear, the point of the event is networking, learning lots, and having fun with friends. I look forward to seeing you all in Vegas.
Watch for my next post on some of the Sitecore Symposium 2017 sessions I am most interested in.

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